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Monday, May 30, 2011

Counting for Special day..Now 6 days to go..

6 days!! itz cuming O.U.R SPECIAL DATE SPECIAL MONTH 5 JUNE 2011.. MY 1ST YEAR ANNIVERSARY WITH MY L.O.V.E.L.Y.M.R.H.U.B.B.Y..I notice there is a lot members read my blog so I NEED HELP I am trying think of ideas to celebrate o.u.r first annyversary. Any suggestions? Its diz w/end however its a Sunday. I was planning to bring h.i.m a nice romanctic place also but cant figure out where .Any suggestions frenz?? Anyone of you have any suggestions for a unforgetable anniversary? 1st year annivesary, datz why nk wat SPECIAL ckit...

If Im not preggy w.e will take a 2nd Honeymoon & k.a.m.i dh ade destinasi Honeymoon but for sure now lazy & xlarat to fly.. Keadaan saya pun xbrapa nk ok.. Jln² out from KL pon xleh nk jauh².. If 2 hours trip stil can consider lgi.. Tankz to all my fwenz yg dh emailkn idea anda diz morning..Really apreciate it but really need some more..UNFORGETABLE ANNIVESARY EVER!!

♥What can I say..I'm Unique..I am Myself.. Juz Being Me..Peace Love Happinez♥

Sunday, May 29, 2011

M Y F.A.M.I.L.Y will be here tomorrow!! KL-LANGKAWI-KL..

CANT WAIT!!! Tomorrow 29.05.2011 My F.a.m.i.l.y is cuming.. Finally My F.a.m.i.l.y will be flying from Sarawak to KL then fly to Langkawi then flying back to KL then going back to Sarawak with MH Experience - MAS.. It's going to be a GREAT HOLIDAY in diz cuming  June 2011 for My F.a.m.i.l.y.. Me & En S.u.a.m.i cant join the trip..huhu..Sebabnye yg utama of cz bcz im PREGGY & concern bout BUDGET.. Holiday tipu laaaa kalo cakap TAK SHOPPING... By this time for sure kne berjimat cermat specially for My L.i.t.t.l.e.m.a.n wic will deliver diz cuming August..

Hopefully diz holiday will be the BEST holiday My F.a.m.i.l.y has ever had.. Esok, k.a.m.i gerak from Sban to KLIA.. Kali ni kne 2 buah kete sbb m.u.m ckp byk barang m.u.m bwk.ermmm ape jugak laaa yg m.u.m bwk tu ye.. Saya sangat meRINDUi m.e.r.e.k.a.. Sepanjang cuti sekolah My F.a.m.i.l.y will stay here in KL with me.. 2 weeks rite?? A lot of tingz to do a lot of activities many places to go..yihaaa!! time to ENJOY!! 

♥What can I say..I'm Unique..I am Myself.. Juz Being Me..Peace Love Happinez♥

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

REWARD from En S.u.a.m.i.. Thank You H U B B Y...

Today story... Sampai je ofiz this morning i check my email as usual then i saw one email from 'ISIS' wic is regarding UITM EXAMINATION RESULT.. Of cz berdebar² nk tahu apa keputusan tuk exam kali ni.. Honestly preparation tuk exam kali ni mmg 'down' ckit cz mse tu stil in early stage pregnancy so i cant really focus on my study.. Although it is not advisable, if there is an emergency or delay it is possible to do some last-minute study for an exam.. TERPAKSA!!

Alhamdulillah keputusan yg tidak disangka².. Rezeki B.A.B.Y jugak la ni.. Li.t.t.l.e.m.a.n tolong M.o.m.m.y ye.. Senyum smpai telinga hingga ke saat ini.. Makin rse bersemangat plak nk meneruskan perjuangan ni.. Tapi lps ni dh ade B.a.b.y hope saya stil mampu tuk meneruskan & makin bersemangat.. InsyaAllah.. 1st person saya maklumkan of cz En S.u.a.m.i then tbe² m.u.m call pgi² lgi.. Upe²nye m.u.m tau result kuar arini sbb one of h.e.r fwen pun study gak.. Nasib baik keputusan ok, kalo xpayah nk menjawap..

As a Gift or Reward En S.u.a.m.i nk blnje saya special lunch.." CONGRATULATION SAYANG!!! U will go all the way!! NT HUBBY BELANJA SAYANG MAMAM OK!! sila fikirkan ape yg sayang mau??hihi...alhamdulillah...semangat Baby pun ade same dgn sayang " W.e chuz Fish Manhattan Fish Market.. GREAT!! Thank you H.U.B.B.Y ... 

i ♥ Calamari

Fish & Chip

♥What can I say..I'm Unique..I am Myself.. Juz Being Me..Peace Love Happinez♥

Suatu petang di EMPIRE Shopping Gallery bersama En S.u.a.m.i

Still boleh kan kalo nk cte kisah di Sabtu lepas.. K.a.m.i mendapat jemputan dri pasangan suami isteri En Ezam & Pn Jaja Housewarming kt teratak beliau (nme pon housewarming).. Makan sampai sendat pewut sbb masakan Pn Jaja sedap² semuanya.. Terima Kasih to both of u kerna sudi menjemput k.a.m.i & oso kengkawan yg lain.. After housewarming, saya & En S.u.a.m.i mmg dh plan nk jenjalan kt EMPIRE Shopping Gallery.. Ini pon sbb tertarik mbce blog salah seorg blogger..hihi...

Tujuannye nk main slide (bkn sye tp En S.u.a.m.i lerr)..Slide yg tertinggi di dunia (if not mistaken).. From level 3 to the lower ground..hebat x hebat slide ni.. Smpai je sna xnk plak En S.u.a.m.i cz xde geng (ye ke ni?? ke sbb takut??).. Tapi mmg xsyok pon slide srg².. After dat k.a.m.i jln² smbil cuci mata tgk apa yg menarik.. Kalo dtg cni menyinggah la kt JUICE WORKS.. Juice mmg pure & sedap..berbaloi²... Kalo dtg bersama anak² leh g Sports & gym mmg khas tuk kanak²..bayaran masuk bwh RM10.. Playground in the house!!

Hush Puppies Sale!!
Sandals for men
RM80 Only

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Check up yang mendebarkan...7 P.U.R.N.A.M.A

Mommy & Daddy
to be
Alhamdulillah kini 29 minggu a.k.a 7 months L.i.t.t.l.e.m.a.n in Mommy's Tummy.. Pewut semakin bulat, badan semakin berat, situ sana sini dh kembang dgn jayanya.. Tido malam xyah cte la, boleh kita brapa jam je saya betul² lena.. Selebih jam tu saya asyik terbangun, betulkn posisi, selesakan kepala, selesakan perut.. At the same time saya akn mganggu tido En S.u.a.m.i tp Alhamdulillah En S.u.a.m.i memahami keadaan saya skrg ni..

Di trimester ketiga adalah trimester terakhir dari kehamilan dan merupakan saat² yg mendebarkan terutamanya menjelang mendekati proses bersalin.. Banyak lgi yg saya perlu belajar & ketahui ilmu² bakal bergelar 'I.B.U'.. Saya mohon kekuatan dari Allah Swt & kasih sayang dr En S.u.a.m.i & k.e.l.u.a.r.g.a agar saya terus bersemangat & kuat meneruskan 'alam mengandung'..

Hari ni 25.05.2011, temu janji untuk pregnancy saya.. Sedikit mendebarkan cz today 'ambik darah + minum air gula + ambik darah kali ke 2' & today jugak saya kne berpuasa till afternoon.. Ambik darah kul 9am (1st) den saya kne habiskn 1 gelas air gula (yg wat saya loya til now) den kul 11.15 nnti ambik darah yg kali ke 2 plak.. Seriusly kali ni rasa takut ckit.. Now badan trse lembik & xbermaya.. Saya kawal diri dr muntah sbb doktor dh bg warning 'JANGAN MUNTAH' & kalau muntah jugak kne wat balik minum air gula..SAYA TAK SANGGUP!! 

♥What can I say..I'm Unique..I am Myself.. Juz Being Me..Peace Love Happinez♥

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ceritera Percutian K.A.M.I yang mengASYIKkan..

Tanggal 14 May 2011, antara kenangan terindah dlm kisah hidup k.a.m.i since bergelar S.u.a.m.i & I.s.t.e.r.i..Percutian yang mengasyikkan!!Kali ni k.a.m.i xterbang jauh hanya perjalanan by car.. It only takes about 1hour from Seremban.. Keluarga belah En S.u.a.m.i plan sumting amazing wic is FAMILY DAY year 2011 @ Port Dickson.. W.E stayed @ Golden Straits Villa Beach Resorts..Apartment with 3 bedrooms.. Gerak from Seremban at 9a.m.. Start with picnic, games, mandi laut, wiming pool then back to apartment.. Program dah diatur by 'A.y.a.h & M.a.m.a' so k.a.m.i just proceed mengikut plan yg d tetapkan.. Family Day ni also wanna celebrate MOTHERS DAY & BIRTHDAY ADEK FAIDZ.. Everything was PERFECT!!

Morning til evening : Welcome to apartment Golden Straits Villa, Celebrate Mothers Day & Birthday Adek (Enjoy Eating), Picnic, Beach activities, Swimming Pool time, Relaxing, Chatting...

Evening til Night : Ikan Bakar (medan ikan bakar port dickson D'Terapung area), Watching Man U (Champion), Tea Time, Jln²...

p.s : JOM layan gmba..xmo cte pjg...

booolatttnyee k.a.m.i

Telematch with F.A.M.I.L.Y

alolo cian A.y.a.h jatuh..
cannot cheating A.y.a.h..hihi

Beach Soccer
Noor's Team

3 cute little tummy

Ice Cream Time


♥What can I say..I'm Unique..I am Myself.. Juz Being Me..Peace Love Happinez♥