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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Birthday Banner/Bunting just for Mr H.u.b.b.y

It is my darling H.u.s.b.a.n.d Birthday..Keep tinking wat fun suprise to do for Mr H.u.b.b.y. "wink wink" ideaz cuming.. Make your SPECIAL DAY extra special with a special design banner or bunting! Simply can select your font and color choices, picture jimba² and add your customized message to make your banner truly unique! Letz make a banner or bunting for Mr H.u.b.b.y & i know who can make a wonderful banner or bunting.. Mr Pian oso Mr H.u.b.b.y best buddy.. Blog Mr Pian bkn wat banner or bunting je tp ade mcm² lgi..yg latest product from him is PASSPORT PERKAHWINAN..Sooooo sweeettttt!!!! Sape² nk wat temapahan blhla menjenguk blog beliau.. Banner or bunting bkn just utk mse wedding tau..Rse² nk wat suprise tuk Hubby ke, anak ke..xkisah la spe² leh je.. bg gmbar feveret kita nnti Mr Pian tlg designkn.. PUAS HATI!! caya ckp wa... Sekarang Bunting tu terpacak kt dinding bilik.. Bangun tido je tgk senyuman Mr H.u.b.b.y...muahhhhhh...

:♥: Seriusly I dat bunting.. its gorgeous, I am sure Mr H.u.b.b.y ♥ it too.. It such a beautiful bunting &  I the colour theme and design and the image is adorable, i totally this banner, I also can see how many  there is... Thankz Mr Pian... Honestly saya sgt puas hati dgn hasil kerja anda!!

♥What can I say..I'm Unique..I am Myself.. Juz Being Me..Peace Love Happinez♥

Ceritera Ulangtahun En S.u.a.m.i -part III-

Last but not least.. Still En S.u.a.m.i punye birthday ceritera.. Saya dh ckp kne celebrate 3 hari 3 malam..ngeh ngeh.. Now celebrate with o.u.r BFF.. This time w.e celebrate kat Garden @ Curve.. garden Restaurant ala² english style with a lot of flower n very the whity inside.. Sejuk mata memandang.. Romantic place to date.. 2 weekz b4 Birthday En S.u.a.m.i, saya & Bff sibuk berbalas email nk plan tuk dinner..Atlast kata sepakat nk wat kat Garden.. Alhamdulillah semua available to join dat nite xcept Misz Nadi cz ade program bersama family..itz ok next time kita wat aktiviti lgi..

Kali ni xde suprise party tp ade gak suprise tuk En S.u.a.m.i wic is BANNER khas tuk b.e.l.i.a.u (tempah khas from pereka terkenal En Pian..hihi) & Cake (Macadamia Mousse).. Syukur semuanya berjalan dgn baik skali.. Malam tu k.a.m.i ENJOY biasela kalo dh jmpe dh gather cenggini mmg huru hara la jdinya... gelak xhengat..

:♥: Kepada sahabat sekalian, terima kasih sgt² sudi dtg & memeriahkn lgi party dat nite.. U ollz mmg sporting..

♥What can I say..I'm Unique..I am Myself.. Juz Being Me..Peace Love Happinez♥

Ceritera Ulangtahun En S.u.a.m.i -part II-

Celebration Birthday En S.u.a.m.i xhabis lagi.. Tak lengkap kalo xwat 3 hari 3 malam.. Juz kidding.. Kali ni diraikan bersama k.e.l.u.a.r.g.a terCINTA.. K.a.m.i byk program Sabtu morning tp tetap nk balik Seremban gak.. Birthday En S.u.a.m.i & Anivesary m.a.m.a & a.y.a.h yg ke 35 tahun.. woooooo....

Macam biase m.a.m.a akan msk special setiap kali anak menantu blk ke teratak beliau... Cnne k.a.m.i xboolat.. Masing² dh mbesar bagai JOHAN.. Masakan m.a.m.a xpernah mengecewakan k.a.m.i owez wat k.a.m.i mkn bertambah²... Meriah rumah m.a.m.a cz Family Abg Idzam pun ade gak.. 

Malam plak k.a.m.i together with semua going out dinner @ Pizza Hut.. (o.u.r feveret)...meriah sesgt dat nite.. Thank you kt semua... Jom tgk gmbar celebration part II...

♥What can I say..I'm Unique..I am Myself.. Juz Being Me..Peace Love Happinez♥