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Monday, May 18, 2009


tick tock tick tock....erm rse2nyeee juz ade 21 hari je day wil cum...09.06.09...nice mum chuz dat date....MY ENGAGEMENT wit my BF HADZIZI NOOR SHAHIDAN...bought 2 ringz...merisik n tunang skali...COMEL..(so family GG akn terbang wit MAS ke SARAWAK)...1 of da ring we bought couple ringz...damn GORGEOUSZ...we luv it damn much...bought kt sunway piramid 16.05.09...SATURDAY N SUNDAY bz shopinggggg......tired but hapiiiiii....zz & silver...RENOMA N SMALTO SHIRTZ....isetan Gardenz...shopinggggg....We shopped until we dropped and enjoyed every precious moment. We helped each other pick clothes, buying like crazy until our wallets were empty.hihii KIDDING...xdela empty cz beli kai card jer...kuang kuang....nk singgah bank ATM wat prob..Theres no substitute for the fun I have with my HUBBY CHUBBY on a day at the mall...i use shopping as a tool to heal my soul. It is a personal enjoyment in my life dat brings me happiness help heals any old wounds that I carry in my soul. hihihihi....sumtymz money je xde..hihihi....ade tp kne jimat...nk kawen katekan...My family and fwenz owez call n ask me to go shopping. I always accept with open arms...lau xbeli pon ikut je....suke je jln2....

♥What can I say..I'm Unique..I am Myself.. Juz Being Me..Peace Love Happinez♥

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Galuh Cendra Kirana said...

hepp...ingat taw, we go shopping mggu depan taw..hihihik... excited nye tatak!