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Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Holiday wit T.H.E.M

Cuti Cuti Cuti...dlm kple dh mcm2 aktiviti nak wat tp pk pk pk saya ada exam on Saturday...xboleh nk ENJOY during my holiday...have to study!! ermmm xleh gak kne do sumting..xmo terlalu tension..kne rehat2kn otak gak..So wat is my BIGGEST PLAN??? Actlly kami bkn berdua kali ni..My Lil Bro Ee menyertai aktiviti kami sepanjang hari ini...xleh dating2...hihi

1ST, kami ke Pavilion..sje jln2 cuci mata..bkn bnyk bnda pun leh soping kt c2..Tapiiiiii my feveret butik "Charles & Keith" harus dikunjungi..mula2 xterfikir nk ke sna tp En S.u.a.m.i gatal2 mention so mmg kne gi la nmpknyeeee...As promised, En S.u.a.m.i nak belikan saya sumting kt "Charles & Keith"..hihi...yg lama ganti dgn yg baru..MY WALLET!!! yeah!!(so dh xleh dh gelakkn my wallet) tenkiu Hubby..UR BRILLIANT!! Ok done @ Pavilion NEXT, Sunway Piramid...

Otw to Sunway Piramid tbe2 En S.u.a.m.i ambik My Wallet yg d.i.e belikn td den bg kt saya "Sayang, diz is 4 u.. Happy Monthlysary 5 months Sayang"...huhu...ade sje yg special from h.i.m laaaa..Thank You Sooooo Muchhhh Hubby...(tiap2 bln dpt adiah camni kan best!!)

NOW @ Sunway Piramid..ramainyeee org...cuti katakan..Saya & My Lil Bro Ee nk berICESKATING...syokkknyeee tapiii cancel niat cz saya wit 'dress' & of cz Ee xnk main srg2...itz ok Bro next tym ok!! byk mse lgi kan...En S.u.a.m.i plak melayan 'hajat' kt Maxis tuk bersama2 warga I-Phone4..uuuuu best tuuu..xpe xpe ade rezeki InsyaAllah ye Hubby...

LUNCH @ the potatoes!! berselera Ee makan ye..smbil tu rehat2kn kaki..lme gak kami jln2 kt cni...mse jln2 tadi pon dh suvey2sumting tuk DINNER diz cuming DEC...Bju dh ade Idea pun dh ade so xyah ssh dh...dh petang sgt ni..nk kne g Bandar Sri Putra..Bro Ee nk sleep @ Uncle'z house..saya plak mmg kne blk dh..sambung study plak @ home...jom jom balikkkk!!! 

Today, Im Sooooooooooo Happy...wit En S.u.a.m.i & My Lil Bro Ee....having so much FUN!!!

Pia'z Note : Pix byk tp kne tggu rajin mengUpload..later ya!!

♥What can I say..I'm Unique..I am Myself.. Juz Being Me..Peace Love Happinez♥

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UrBelovedHubby said...

i like ur wallet sayang...jg baik@ ye...hope u like it too...mmuahhh...
we're hving fun!!!!