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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Happiness "Mama & Mommy to be"

Alhamdulillah & Tahniah untuk mereka, insan kechentaan hati saya "wanita gojes lgi vogedevas Pn Aryanti & yg comel lagi menawan Pn Shareena" on your pregnancy... Congratz!! ur MAMA & MOMMY to be...Im sooo happy for both of u.. Baby, things happen for a reason, i wish you a blisful pregnancy and i noe Papa & Daddy will be with you every step of the way and know that you will the best Mama & Mommy to those  bundle of joy, never doubt how much i ♥ you both!!

My Sister a.k.a my truly luvly besfren Yanti, semoga selamat semuanya, menjadi Mama yg forever gojes.. Papa Redza & Mama Yanti ur parents to be so xmo noty² n owez tke a gud care of each other..Semoga sentiasa dilindungi Allah abg & kakak... I m going to be a aunt "Mommy Pia", I cant wait til you have the baby, and geget him/her...

Mommy Shareena my chomell sister, setelah 7 tahun penantian akhirnya Allah makbulkn doa akak utk menjadi sorg ibu.. Alhamdulillah & tahniah.. Moga akak trs dilindungi Allah swt..Plz take a gud care of urself n baby..Be a gud mommy & owez menawan ok..


♥What can I say..I'm Unique..I am Myself.. Juz Being Me..Peace Love Happinez♥

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ZZnoor said...

this entry is soooo lovely!!!
alhamdulillah...n syukur atas sume kurniaan daripada Allah untuk kita sume..

e k i n ♥ y u s r i said...

i'm mom-to be too!
sebok nk jugak

ZSqueenbee said...

so luvly kn daddy...syukur pd Allah...

ZSqueenbee said...

tahniah jugak dear..jge dri tu ye..xmo lasak²..

baby boy ke girl ni??hhihi
congratz dear!!

NM02 said...


gelak sambil tepuk meja

malu mak jemah tau


nway, tengkiu sbb sudi wat n3 pasal kami

insyaAllah, akak jaga diri n pia & zz tolong doakan moga baby membesar dengan sempurna.

akak utang hadiah ngan danish... tunggu eh