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Friday, February 25, 2011

Salam BABY...

My appoinmnt wit Doctor Pakar Puan @ Cheras today..Yesterday, dh apply tuk time off cz me & Mr H.u.b.b.y plan nk gi around 9 am so xdela jam sgt n xmo lmbt2 cz Mr H.u.b.b.y nk kne Solat Jumaat..Doctor A.S Asokan @ Klinik Pakar Wanita Connaught my 1st doctor since preggy den of cz Doctor Suzaida @ Klinik Keluarga Dr Dahlia & Bulan April nnti My Personal Doctor wic is Doctor Surya from Normah Specialist Centre (Kuching) request from My Mum..InsyaAllah everytghng will be fine..

So today, appoinmnt bersama Doc Asokan la plak..(xde dh amik darah cz dh wat selasa lps)..Kadar gula alhamdulillah tahap OK..Berat badan ok evendo xnk naik (tp cam bulat jew) & o.u.r feveret part SCAN BABY biase Lil Baby yg aktif yg teruje lebih berpusing2 smbil menari kt lam pewut tu..mmg ssh nk tgk dia duk diam2..jap laaa bg la tgk awk ni GIRL ke BOY..Doc Sue pun ckp dh leh tgk lgi2 la scan Doc Asokan ni lgi jelas tp Lil Baby tutup lak ngn kaki..nakal yeeeeeee...xpe suprise ckit..TAPIIIII....sudah ade 'jantina maybe' Lil far biarlah rahsia..semua ni kne byk bersabar..xleh nk over2 sgt...Saya pun dh xplain wat i need to explain to the Doctor & Alhamdulillah Doc memahami n InsyaAllah semuanya bisa d atur..Doc Asokan ni baik orgnye..ckp pun lemah lembut je..sejuk je hati mendengar xplanation beliau..

After setel Check Up me & Mr H.u.b.b.y bekfez kt warung next to klinik..payah beno nk jmpe warung yg sgt bersih cam warung Pakcik ni..Roti Canai dgn kuah yg sodap + Nasi lemak yg marbelez..Simple bekfez tuk k.a.m.i hari ni..Now ready nk balik ofiz..before dat kne singgah umah nk packing barang2 tuk balik BSP & Seremban...MISS MY FAMILY OREDY!!

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