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Thursday, June 2, 2011

"Debaran C.I.N.T.A yang makin menggetar jiwa K.A.M.I"

Weeeewinkwinkwink!!! Detik itu kian terasa makin panas makin membara makin mengusik jiwa k.a.m.i di kala ini..Perancangan must be creative, and must be something really special & so now w.e want to celebrate it by remembering how it started. (tajuk n3 xleh tahan..mengancam semacam..sje nk amik mood passion sebenarnye bkn pape sgt pon..hihi..)  My 1st ANNIVESARY 5 JUNE 2011 is cuming soon... Kehangatan itu makin terasa..(poyo lgi)..

OK² done with my poyo now focus!! Shortlisted plan 'Cruise Dinner + Melaka + Genting Highlands + Cameron Highlands' Terima kasih untuk idea kengkawan sekalian.. So now mmg tgh pk wic one w.e will choose.. Sponsor tu k.a.m.i dh nmpk..hihi.. THANK YOU M.U.M & P.A.P!! (confident tu penting)..

Sebenarnye ada Majlis Rasmi tuk k.a.m.i nnti tp tggu jemputan dari k.a.m.i ye..Majlis Kesyukuran..Majlis suppose on 4th June 2011 but ade prob ckit so k.a.m.i terpaksa menunda tarikhnya tp niat & tujuannya still the same..

♥What can I say..I'm Unique..I am Myself.. Juz Being Me..Peace Love Happinez♥

4 CeLoteH ChiT cHaT:

wardah said...

ok kak fie tunggu jemputan ye. hahaha konfiden itu penting..

ZSqueenbee said...

kak fie, no hal la..sudah ade dlm list kami..tggu card jemputan dr kami ye..konfiden itu wajib..haha

wahida said...

harap idea akak menjadi pilihan...ekekekek...

InsyaAllah, akak akan dtg jemputan pia tu, thanks sudi jemput akak..

kenduri kesyukuran dan doa selamat sempena anniversary dan lulus exam kan?

ZSqueenbee said...

hihihi idea akak tu mmg briliant but so far mmg hrga tgh naik mybe cuti skolah kot..per head omoz rm200..kami dh wat keputusan menunda cruise dlu utk sumting special dlm june jugak..hihi...

ye akak majlis kesyukuran tuk anak pertama, lulus exam & anivesary..3in 1 la ni..mama ayah sponsor..