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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Doa untuk M.U.M.. I ♥ U..

My Luvly M.u.m had an operation today..Pagi² lgi M.u.m msg "Salam kak, mum operate today"..Yesterday M.u.m kne stay kt hospital tuk fully check up. M.u.m kne operate hidung cz got nose cyst..M.u.m said sumtimes itz hurt sumtimes ok but the cyst is getting bigger & afraid akn block h.e.r nose.. M.u.m keep msg me & Mr H.u.b.b.y to update h.e.r situation..Alhamdulillah everythng just fine..Setiap kali saya call tnye bout h.e.r kesihatan, m.u.m xpernah serius..I know m.u.m xbg k.a.m.i risau.. M.u.m slalu ckp 'M.u.m nk operate idong bg lgi mancung & cantik'..hihi.. Semalam call, P.a.p ade with M.u.m kt hospital.. Shud be ok.. Suka takutkn M.u.m "brani duk hospital..ntah² yg nurse tu bkn nurse..skali kaki xcecah lantai".. kih kih.. Jgn marah M.u.m..
May the operation be successful, May Allah shower My F.a.m.i.l.y with RAHMAT. Allah is Most Kind, Most Merciful, May Allah's mercy and blessings..

♥What can I say..I'm Unique..I am Myself.. Juz Being Me..Peace Love Happinez♥

3 CeLoteH ChiT cHaT:

wardah said...

semoha Mum Pia selamat menjalani pembedahan. :)

NM02 said...

moga mum pia cepat baik ye

ct shah said...

semoga mum selamat jalani operation.cyst dia makin membesar ek?risau jugak dgr.sbb eryn pun ada multiple cyst kat left kidney. so far tgk cam tak membesar but still kena pantau jugak.