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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Saya Rindukannyeeeee... Akhirnya!!

Lama jugak rsenye kami xketemu.. Rindu x hengat.. Asyik terbayang jeee... Kalau dh feveret tu camni ler jdinye... OoooOOoo Tutti Frutti i likeeeeee... Kesedapan menggoda jiwa & raga.. Thankzzz ye Adek Faidz sudi membelanjeee kami.. Last week balik Seremban, aktiviti biasa k.a.m.i kalau ade kelapangan lgi plak ade kenduri.. Before blk Kl tu menyinggah lerrr Tutti Frutti dlu..



Tuan Tanah

Romeo & Juliet

kesiannyee anak Mama...
die tgk je k.a.m.i bertutti

cipuuuttt je suap kt die...

Macam nak lagi...

Tuan Seponserrr

Littleman dapat balloon from Tutti Frutti
Littleman punyalaaa excited....

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3 CeLoteH ChiT cHaT:

♥ Leily | Ummi Alya Husna ♥ said...

best kan!
my doter siap thp addicted dh,
salu aje ajak pi..
maknyer x thn kl pegi acapkali..
regenyer leh thn gak.. hahahah

sy pun dh pekena TF.. =)

..::SangRatoo::.. said...

mana budak mata boolattt tu..mummy jue nak gomol die lagi..ahahah tak puaslaa aritu kat klinik :D

mimie.. said...

coomel laah ^_^