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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Lil' Danish 1st swimmimg experience..

My Lil Baby, Nur Danish Aniq now ready to swim.. 25th Feb 2012 is the 1st time.. Alhamdulillah Danish nampaknye OK.. Happy sgt tu xdela jugak cz i think Danish stil blur wat is he doing..hihi.. Of cz Mama & Papa yg ter'over' excited.. (gila tak??).. Actually, I wanted to take Lil Danish out to the swimming pool when he was 5 months old but o.u.r parents xbrapa nk setuju.. Mr Papa pun promiz kat Lil Danish "Papa pomish ble Danish 6 months je Papa & Mama wil ajk Danish wiming² & Danish akn bljr eat sumting new selain menyusu".. Alhamdulillah k.a.m.i dh tunaikn janji, Danish dh mula eat solid foods & swimming..

Luckyly masa 1st day swimming with My Baby Lil Danish xde spe kt swimimmg pool selain Mama Papa & Baby sitter k.a.m.i so mmg kepunyaan k.a.m.i la wiming pool tu but 1st wiming tu on Saturday n Mr papa cant join us.. Saturday khas utk 'WANITA & CHILDREN' shj.. Mr Papa juz tlg amik gmba je..

2nd day tu Mr Papa join us wiming² gak.. Happy sesgt.. Wanna know sumting?? Lil Danish blh 'sleep' Zzzzzzzz mse tgh² wiming..haha.. sememangnye Lil Danish dh tired tp Mama Papa nk jugak ajk wiming sbb tu leh ttdo smbil wiming.. Funny!!

Persiapan the day before Lil Danish swimming :
After ofiz hour on Friday tu, k.a.m.i menyemak diri kat jalan yg 'jam' penuh sesak dgn kereta (faham jela kalo friday) menuju ke sunway piramid cz kt c2 je k.a.m.i pernah jmpa pelampung leher (yg mcm Danish punya tu lerr) den belikn Danish nyee wiming suit... MISI BERJAYA!!!

Ready to swim!!
time blur lagi..

im fine!!

after wiming
1st day

 NOW 2nd DAY....
today is my 2nd day..

stil with puting



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e k i n ♥ y u s r i said...

wah,pandainye diee..

fieda said...

wow..kagum untie fieda tgk...

syanasaid said...

hahahaa comel
teros lena lotih swimming

Ros said...

Salam Queenbee,

Punya la penatnya dia berenang sampai tertidur..he.he.he...comelnya dia kat dalam air tu.....

cinta03 said...

sib baik dia tak nangis eh kak.....
huhuu..betul penat tue...dlm air pun leh tido...