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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Let Me TeLL u.....

Now im setel wit My Wedding but only yg Sebelah Perempuan nye dlu...Itz cuming diz w/end tuk Pihak Lelaki nye Majlis lak....actlly, i wanna share with My LuVly Fwenz bout My Hantaran....lau b4 diz aku keep it SECRET now let me share sowie..sje nk suprise....lau mse Tunang lu kteorg wat simple n juz a few dulang tp My Family member plak byk menyumbangkan dulang tambahan..So, mse wedding kteorg mmg dh decide nk wat 7 berbalas 9..xnk wat byk2 cz susah nk packing...As u olz noe, BARANG2 HANTARAN WILL FLY TO,mmg payah la lau nk wat byk2 dulang...bayangkn semua brg2 tu nak masuk kapal terbang..hahaha...of cz la letak dlm kotak....ngeh ngeh....Mr Hubby & Mrs Sayang dh discuz bout our Hantaran a long long tym ago....lau d ikutkn mmg kne byk guna bakul cz brg2 dh lebih dr jumlah bakul so dgn kepakaran Otak Mr&Mrs, Kakanda Idzam, Kakanda Ayu & Kakanda Ashraf we decided to put more den 1 thing dlm 1 bakul....wic is ade barang2 yg akn di satukan juz lyk HATI kami...hihhi....So.......diz iz da story....

Hantaran Mrs Sayang kepada Mr Hubby.....(Blue, White, Silver, Pearl, Blink Ball, Bird)
::Glitter Pearl::
  • Mr Hubby RING
  • Mr Hubby HANDPHONE
  • Mr Hubby WATCH
  • Mr Hubby Set PERFUME Issey Miyake
  • Mr Hubby & Mrs Sayang SHIRT with Cufflinkz
  • Mr Hubby Sembonia SHOES
  • Mr Hubby Sembonia WALLET & BELT
  • Mr Hubby Thousand CHOCOLATE
  • Mr Hubby fondant CAKE
Hantaran Mr Hubby kepada Mrs Sayang....(Red, White, Lily, Pearl)
::Mystique Red::
  • Mrs Sayang AL-QURAN
  • Mrs Sayang HANDPHONE
  • Mrs Sayang WATCH
  • Mrs Sayang set MAKE UP & set PERFUME
  • Mrs Sayang HANDBAG
  • Mrs Sayang SHOES

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1 CeLoteH ChiT cHaT:

Mr. Hubby said...

Halamak...memang trbaeeekk la hantaran2 kita sayang...we shud feel glad coz wat we dreams of..bcome a reality!! aha! syukur sgt hantaran2 kita cantek..merah utk sayang..biru untuk hubby...