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Welcome to my little fairytale world..Wife & Mama’s journey hood..My Blog a.k.a my diary..story bout my value of life.. Story of mylife bout My lovely Mr Hubby.. My Littleman Nur Danish Aniq..My Family & xde kne mengena dgn hidup sesiapa wic not belong in my life..Dont like me? COOL, I don’t wake up & blogging everyday to IMPRESS you.. If you do not like my blog, please do not read it & why would you follow my story..This blog is supposed to be my safe place to vent and process feelings I can & can't in real life. If you cannot handle what I write about then don't read it..Stalker plz behave wen u enter my privacy & plz RESPECT. I have my own life& style not trying to plz u or make u smile...My blog is for people who might able to get some help from it & ikhlas to share the story..Clearly I have enough people in my real life who don't give a crap about me..Jgn jdikn blog sye utk menambah dosa anda by dat btter just leave & go to a certain someone else's blog I'm sure you favor..Dont hate me juz bcz ur jelousz bout my wonderful life & respect their jealousy cz people tink dat im better den dem...if rse xnk mengalah nk copycat my pleasure tuk jdikn sye ur feveret challenge n be my biggest fans.Hidup kne bermoral & kne bermaruah & jgn jdikn blog utk mencemarkn image dri sendri..Let beauty fill ur life & happiness ur heart..FACT : HATERS don’t really hate me. In fact, they hate themselves bcoz I am a reflection of wat they wish to be...Inside every CONFIDENT girl is a FRAGILE Princess..Be NICE!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

My Concept..My Style..My Fabolousz...My Atitude..

ermmm bout My Pelamin actlly..My Wedding Planner Uncle Alex is a FABOLOUSZ MAGIC TOUCH....everythng yg dia wat ade concept ade cara sendri...ape yg dia nk is EVRYTHING MUZ BE AMAZING!!!

My Pelamin kt umah wit Red Rosses...My Concept Hollywood Glamorousz...(pelamin kt umah)...Uncle Alex dpt ilham bout Pelamin kt umah dr Hollywood Behind The Scene..hihihi...cermin wer artist doin make up...sekeliling cermin ade LAMPU...sesiapa yg dtg umah leh la tgk tiang pelamin aku penuh wit lampu....lau amik gmba xnmpk cz lmpu semua switch on....My Bedroom Concept English Garden wic is evrythng in WHITE....My Bedroom Set All In WHITE....The Deco The Flower evrythngggggggg WHITE.....LILY OF CZ!!! wit orchid on my bed....FRESH FLOWER make it alive.....oh yeah every Deco ade PEARL....(PUTERI HANG LI PO)...ntah nape uncle alex ckp puteri hang li po so aku pun ikt jela..hihihi....

MY FEVERET DA MOST I LOVE is My Pelamin kt dewan..OMG!!!! ITZ REALLY GORGEOUSZ!!!! xkelip mte wen i saw My Pelamin....SUMPAH 4 me itz PERFECT...tankz Uncle..u did da BEST BEST mmg BEST!!!! dewan PENUH WITH FLOWER!!!! PEARL HANG LI PO GARDEN!!! The Best ever.....LOVE IT DAMN MUCH!!! seriusly aku sgt sgt sgt BERPUAS HATI & sme goes to My Mum....she love it so much!!! Lebih dr 20 Standing Flower dlm Dewan..siap ade PERSINGGAHAN PUTERA & PUTERI...OH ITZ GREATTT!!!!

Alhamdulillah everthng berjalan lancar...makanan pun sedap..Concept Time Mkn My Family decided nk ikut style hotel...while PENGANTIN READY then semua stat mkn sme2...lauk dh tersedia ats meja juz tggu nasi dihidangkan....Deco Table pun cntik...hope My Family Member...My Fwenz semua selesa...panas of cz...dh penuh dewan of cz agak panas.....CONGRATZ TO MY LUVLY FAMILY & SESIAPA YG TERLIBAT...

♥What can I say..I'm Unique..I am Myself.. Juz Being Me..Peace Love Happinez♥

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