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Welcome to my little fairytale world..Wife & Mama’s journey hood..My Blog a.k.a my diary..story bout my value of life.. Story of mylife bout My lovely Mr Hubby.. My Littleman Nur Danish Aniq..My Family & xde kne mengena dgn hidup sesiapa wic not belong in my life..Dont like me? COOL, I don’t wake up & blogging everyday to IMPRESS you.. If you do not like my blog, please do not read it & why would you follow my story..This blog is supposed to be my safe place to vent and process feelings I can & can't in real life. If you cannot handle what I write about then don't read it..Stalker plz behave wen u enter my privacy & plz RESPECT. I have my own life& style not trying to plz u or make u smile...My blog is for people who might able to get some help from it & ikhlas to share the story..Clearly I have enough people in my real life who don't give a crap about me..Jgn jdikn blog sye utk menambah dosa anda by dat btter just leave & go to a certain someone else's blog I'm sure you favor..Dont hate me juz bcz ur jelousz bout my wonderful life & respect their jealousy cz people tink dat im better den dem...if rse xnk mengalah nk copycat my pleasure tuk jdikn sye ur feveret challenge n be my biggest fans.Hidup kne bermoral & kne bermaruah & jgn jdikn blog utk mencemarkn image dri sendri..Let beauty fill ur life & happiness ur heart..FACT : HATERS don’t really hate me. In fact, they hate themselves bcoz I am a reflection of wat they wish to be...Inside every CONFIDENT girl is a FRAGILE Princess..Be NICE!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Letz CUTI CUTI Shopping..

Tommorow saya bersama Mr H.u.b.b.y akan berCUTI...There must always be a very good reason why I take leave from work & diz time it's bcz My M.u.m is cuming ere in KL & most of the details are taken care of already..I need time off from work, need recharging, everyone does. Wanna lepakz² with My M.u.m..Luangkan banyak masa wit h.e.r..Time to spend some quality time together..So, I told Mr H.u.b.b.y to apply for h.i.s leave too, which I insisted, must be approved..kih kih...

Tommorow k.a.m.i xyah nk hurry²...After Subuh leh brekfez kt umah..ermmm nk readykan brekfez tukl Mr H.u.b.b.y la esk..Time to CUTI CUTI..HAPPY HOLIDAY to u.s also..hihi..ITZ MY  SHOPPING TIME!!HOooooOORRrrrRRAAYyyyyYY!!!!

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