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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Vouchers + Sushi + Kebab

Yesterday otw back to my teratak saya drive sorang² without My ♥ menemani..Otw back tu plan mahu msk² but at the same time trse mahu sushi jugak...So wic one nk kne dahulukan?? lau tnye En S.u.a.m.i sudah pasti "Utamakan apa yg sayang rse nak mkn"..Sometimes kne simpan senyap² apa yg saya inginkna cz En S.u.a.m.i sggup ketepikan keinginan d.i.e sbb mahu utamakan saya..xnk la cenggitu..xsmpai hati tgk muke d.i.e yg chomel tu xdpt ape yg d.i.e nak..saya bukannye mengidam 24/7 pon..

Bila @ my teratak baring² smbil layan 'prison break season 4' trs lmbt mahu msk² (alasan) then get ready to pick up En S.u.a.m.i but kne shower & besiap cantik² (sbb sudah ade niat mahu dinner kt luar)..7.15pm saya gerak ke menara menjemput My ♥ agak lmbt gak but seb bek En S.u.a.m.i xsetel class lagi..Smpai menara on time En S.u.a.m.i setel class..Suarakan niat d hati & En S.u.a.m.i OK with it..YAY!! jom cri sushi..

To Sogo cz nk menyinggah Red Box to collect my Birthday Vouchers worth RM300..Nak jugak tgk apa yg ade pd vouchers RM300 tu lau best leh wat Birthday party kt c2..hihi...Teringt gak kt sogo pun ade sushi but dh pack..Sama je actlly the taste..1st time tgk Sogo sunyi & xramai giler g time² cenggini xdela nk bsesak ngn org ramai..Got my vouchers oredy den go get o.u.r sushi tuk dinner den g kt Kyros Kebab En S.u.a.m.i nk Kebab Beef..

♥What can I say..I'm Unique..I am Myself.. Juz Being Me..Peace Love Happinez♥

4 CeLoteH ChiT cHaT:

ct shah said...

kyros kebab is the best.rangup & wallah!!

ZSqueenbee said...

wooo sedap kn..mmg marbeloz!!

ZZnoor said...

wallah!! haha! like that word! tq ct.

sayang, dap dap sushi!! nt mau mkn lagi, jst let me kno ya!

ZSqueenbee said...

hihi..dap dap kn..blh tahan sushi kt sogo ni kan..nnti leh bli lgi..orait nnti sayang bgtau..jgn hari² mahu sudah..hihi