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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Prince Charming turn 7 Months Old!!!

Alhamdulillah syukur pada Allah swt.. Hari ni 29.02.2012, Anak Mama 7 bulan sudah.. Alhamdulillah Anak Mama makin bijak pandai skrg ye.. Of cz laaaaa My Prince Charming dh 7 mths kan... Mama & Papa xpernah putus asa dalam mendidik & mbesarkn Mr Danish.. Mybe sound too early utk 'mendidik' but 4 me this is the good time.. Saya dh kenalkn Mr Danish dgn ABC, 123... hahaha..gelojoh tau Mama Mr Danish ni.. bkn saya suh Mr Danish belajar pon just join dancing² follow kt dvd je & I think this is a wonderful time to take Mr Danish to the comfortable zone..never underestimate the benefit of giving child rich experiences in early life!

Cepatnyee masa berlalu.. Anak Mama makin grow up.. i diz moment... Moga dgn izin Allah Anak Mama akn trs membesar dgn sihat bijak pandai...

hye im 7 months old oredy..
abaikan mama papa tgh bedrama di blkg

im sooooooo xcitedddd!!!
notanote: diz pic was taken mse k.a.m.i berpicnic kt tasik perdana..(siap bwk walker gitew)

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8 CeLoteH ChiT cHaT:

nasazfrog... said...

sekejap je masa berlalu kan darl... Di peringkat awal kite dedahkan dengan abc, 123 cepat la pandai nanti tu.. :)

atty's said...

semoga danish menjadi anak yg soleh.amin

e k i n ♥ y u s r i said...

comelnye die

SyaNa said...

alolooo kejap jek da 7m

IntaNBerliaN said...


..::SangRatoo::.. said...

heeheh tunggu laa mummy jue gegetsss diee..

wardah @ fie shah said...

Happy 7mos old baby Danish yang momel!

Galuh Cendra Kirana said...

eeeee!!!! muka dia geram at the last pic. sangat comeyyyy!!!!