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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Laznite aku xleh nk update pape pon kt diary nih...LINE POOR glew..siap duk kt balcony lgi tp stil gak lembabz...layan Movie "Daylight" kt AXN ptg smlm mmg besh..cedihh cte tu...dh lme kot cte tu tp aku xpenah pun nengok..Adi & Ila lerr yg beriya2 suh aku tgk cte tu..betull la mmg besh...ciap cwying2 lgi tau...ermm lps watching movie nih msti cemua dh lapa..nk msk pe ye tuk diner?? ermm nk mkn NASI GORENG KAMPUNG la plak...semua SETUJU...ok letz jom jom...aku & Ila stat msk2..Ila grg "udang kecik"(Pn Norm ckp udang Geragau) aku grg nasi & wat teyo dadar...SIMPLE but GREAT!!

Lps diner plan nk beli DVD tuk watching mlm ni....(Kakanda Edzlin Noor hadiahkn DVD PLayer tuk wedding gift..siap ade karoke)...DVD yg lme lelong kt kwn2 nak??..hihi kidding2...ade jela plan kteorg..mmg xreti duk diam..Ila & Adi dh besiap aku n Mr Hubby stil ngn bju tdo lgi..ok ok JOM...g kat T.T.D.I ade 1 kedai DVD yg besh gak..1st tym aku g..Ila gak yg tunjuk tmpt cz dia slalu teman Joe & Nisa beli DVD kt c2..ek eleh ko JOE...ko pun tgk DVD murah...hihihi...alaaa ckup la kn..bkn nk smpn wat harta pun..lps tgk confrm dlm almari jew...ssh gak nk pilih movie nih..cemua cte nk beli...atlaz kteorg amik smpai 5 free 1..hihi..okla 2...share wit Ila & Adi...nk amik Ip Man 2 tp xleh la..dh byk cte lawan2 kteorg amik..nk gak yg romantik2...(spe2 nk watching movie bru meh cni sewa kt aku)..hahaha...

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