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Friday, August 13, 2010



En Zolkipli Nusi
Pn Saniah Mohtar

My Lil Bro Ahmad Sufri
My Sis Nisa
My Bro Harul Hazwan
Mr Hubby
Pn Saniah & En Zolkipli

Mr Hubby & Mrs Sayang

:: Seafood Bukit Permata (Top Spot)...lau ke Kuching jgn lpskn peluang ke cni tau..mmg mabelez...WORLD OF SEAFOOD...

:: Actlly My Bro Mohd Redza je yg xleh Abg kne handle kedai mkn dia...Kedai Abg ade wat Buffet tuk bbuke..itz ok Bro...Abg Redz & Sis Yanti hadiahkn Mum Red Rosses Boquet tuk Mum...

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6 CeLoteH ChiT cHaT:

my-niezzareena said...

hepi beday mum... hehehe

Sue-Rya Qistina said...

wah..bestnye dpt berkumpul ramai2 cenggini..hehe..just nk wish happy belated to ur mom also..send my regards to ur mom ye babe..

..::SangRatoo::.. said...

sopie banyak ikot muka En Zolkipli..hehehe..anak papa dia ni.. :)

emma mohd sham said...

appy birthday makcik!sarawak besh (tetiba??)

Mrs Zz said...

Kak Iena,
Mum ckp "ala mcm muke kwn mum t opiz..cntiknye kulit muka dia"..haha...komen mum tgk akak cye yg chomell ni...

Mum said tenkiu.."nape mum xpenah nmpk dia??" hihihi...

Kak Ratoo,
"mte dia ke ni kak?" Mum ckp lau chantek bru ikut dia..hihi...ank pak Zol nih...

oit oit..ko xwindu aku kew??amacam sathi ko??hahaha

kazen said...

dia ni memang ank bapak.ngada2 jugak..manja lbih budak ni.piya,kenak blt xmadah?