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Saturday, September 25, 2010

N.O.W...I'm with him...

Salam, Dahi dikucup, Dikucup jua pipi kanan pipi kiri tanda pertemuan kami..comelnyeeee d.i.a wit his white t-shirt.. kami in white today..Now U & ME....macam2 cerita dikongsi..kami ade byk bnda kne setel by today.. yang plg penting My Assigmnt..Esok ade clas dh..rindu gak kt UiTm Rindu ngn kwn2 kt sna..

Bersama2 setelkn assigment saya..berkongsi idea, cara & pandangan..Mr Hubby sentiasa dgn idea2 logiknya..Ayat2 yg tersendiri..Saya plak akn trs menjenguk internet mencari maklumat..makin bersemangat ble berkerjasama lgi2 bersama insan terchentaa..[Terima Kasih ye Hubby cz u owez be my HERO...]..Lepas setel ni nk print then leh wat binding..[update 95%]..ktne nk binding?? errmmmm ok got it!!


Malam ni kami ada SPECIAL DINNER..Chef Pn Sofia wil serve evrythng tonite..[ingt lgi mse kami di awal perkahwinan, kami wat diner siap ade candle lgi..tutup lampu putih juz kai standing lamp..kah kah..klaka kn tp itulah antara memori terindah kami..itulah kami sentiasa ada cara kami]..ala bkn hebat mne pun dinner kami..just simple but the meaning so touching..hihihi..

Orait then..

♥What can I say..I'm Unique..I am Myself.. Juz Being Me..Peace Love Happinez♥

3 CeLoteH ChiT cHaT:

my-niezzareena said...

yay... mr zz dah balik ke pangkuan pwinsez mate buyat!!!!

Pn S.O.F.I.A said...

Sis Iena,
yay yay!! saya HAPPY sgt2 ni..Mr ZZ kini d cc..peyuk2 iyum2...pwinsez teruje!!

UrBelovedHubby said...

iyee!!!hubby sini!!