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Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Saturday nite fever..before blk KL xlengkap rsenye x g watching movie..byk cte best kt wayang skrg ni..My Feveret dr dlu lgi 'STEP UP'..kali ni SET UP makin gempak siap ade 3D lgi..Street Dance pun saya layan..xdenyee nk layan cte romantik2 jew..busan...Til now saya & Mr Hubby xtgk cte PIRANHA lgi..Mr Hubby byk kali gak ajak tp xde kesempatan..dh nk gi tapi time tu cte PIRANHA stat kul 8pm..Mum lak ajak beraya umah kwn2 dia so mmg xde rezeki nk layan Ikan Ganas tu..

Seriusly BEST GILER...wooooo Love the Dance la.'SHOES' kat lam cte tu cam 'SHOES' feveret saya yg saya kecoh nk sgt beli kt yg ni plak semua NIKE..rsenye NIKE sponsor..DAMN GORGEOUSZ!!! Saya mmg suke wat collection kasut, handbag, acesoriz..Kegilaan saya...woooo..menyoping pon ikut kemampuan..

Kami gi tgk Movie at 12.15 am..midnite movie yg syok..dh kawen ni Mum xbicing dh kuar lewat2 mlm..cuma dia concern kesihatan kami..My Bro Wan & Lil Bro Ee pun join skali..after watching movie lepak minum kt 'benteng satok'..(pun ade drama ngn pekerja kt c2)

Mr Hubby kononye nk tiru gaya HERO tu..
tapiiii lain macham upenyeee..hhii..
badak chumbu saya lgi chomel

O.U.R Collection..
Pn S.O.F.I.A collection..
adew rantai2 tuuuuu...

♥What can I say..I'm Unique..I am Myself.. Juz Being Me..Peace Love Happinez♥

2 CeLoteH ChiT cHaT:

Boboy said...

cantiknye ko.aku admire kasut ko n bju2 yg ko pakai.ko couple yg best.husband ko loving kan.

Sue-Rya Qistina said...

haha..chumel je dia tiru gaya panda bear tu..hehehe :D