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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

JOM Badminton!!

8 Jan 2011, En S.u.a.m.i 'z Familia ade wat aktiviti bersukan..BADMINTON TIME!! kat FB dh ade invitation YES, NO or MAYBE Badminton wit Family..saya & En S.u.a.m.i of cz will click YES...So petang Jumaat tu k.a.m.i nk blk Sban dah..Pada mulanya saya & En S.u.a.m.i plan nk blk kampung menemani nenek tp Mama risaukan saya dgn keadaan diri yg xbrapa nk sehat..Mama ckp blk kpg sama2 on Saturday..ermmmmm OK..."Mama ingt blk umah Sban dulu..nnti Sabtu kta g sme2..Pia jgn risau sgt ye..Pia jge kesihatan..Pia kne sihat..Blk Sban je ye..Mama nk ajk Pia & Agee gi kenduri umah sepupu ayah..Pia nk mkn ape Mama masakkn" Sooooo sweett la Mama ni..pndai memujuk ye Mama..

Mama masak special Ikan masin masak lomak + Udang sweet & sour + Ulam...sodappppp...Terima kasih Mama..Feveret saya n Mama sme suke mkn udang...hihi...

On Saturday, familia dh warm up kt court badminton..stat game kol 8pm tp lewat ckit so stat @ 8.30pm..yg beshnyeee Mama & Ayah pun join skali..chomelll je...Malam tu semua ade..COMPLETE!! saya ngn Mama je join sbg penonton..SERONOKNYEEE dat nite..HAPPENING!!

owez be My Pwince Charming

pocho2 bersma Kak Lin

Kakak Tia

Ade sorang Budak temok..MAN U FANZ!!
Jot Down : Saya perasan sumting laaa...Player Bdaminton ni suke kai kasut kalerful laaa...hihi..

♥What can I say..I'm Unique..I am Myself.. Juz Being Me..Peace Love Happinez♥

1 CeLoteH ChiT cHaT:

UrBelovedHubby said...

alaa...pwincezz hubby ade gmba2 bdminton ye...bestnye...
susah sgt tggu nikon, amik je kai e72 tu ha...snang kan? hihi...
mm regret sungguh sbb lupe amik gamba whole family...huhu..maybe next time...
we were hving fun rite?!!!