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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Party Pesta!!

Rewind ckit ye..Atas permintaan kengkawan yg menjayakn Party Pesta ni saya watkn jugak n3 ni ye..Maaf lambat cz lazy nk upload gmbo..hihi..Terima kasih jugak kepada "org koat majlis" cik Emma dangdut, Pn Norm, Pn Sanny, Cik Anna, En Azham & myself yg siang malam xtdo demi menjayakan Party Pesta ni..Lengan masing² pun dh berbijik² wat kerja berat..(kih kih mcm la gempak sgt)..Im kidding..Party Pesta ni simple je but everyone ENJOY..Opzzz lpe nk thankz kpd para sponsor tuk Party Pesta...

Actually Party Pesta ni bersempena Farewell tuk Pn Roseliah Taha yg akan bersara xlme lgi & budak practical yg cute Anne "gadis kecil" & Fadz..Salam perpisahan dari kami semua..(Anne kita keep in touch kt blog ye)..Anyway, wish u olz All The Best...Cayang slalu!!

♥What can I say..I'm Unique..I am Myself.. Juz Being Me..Peace Love Happinez♥

6 CeLoteH ChiT cHaT:

ZZnoor said...

meriah party ni!!cheese cake tu the bestttt!!!!

Nana said...

pergh sedapnye cheese kek ye tu
skang ni bole tgk je la
takut nk makan cheese2 ni
kdg2 bole la

ZSqueenbee said...

ya meriah..sgt meriah..yup cheese cake tu mmg the best..asyik² secret recipe boring laaaaaa

ZSqueenbee said...

Nana: ye sedap..
nape xboleh??
sye pun mula² preggy kne jauhi chez..hihi..

NM02 said...

faz dah mcm artis plak akak tgk. nway, syantek baju kamu dik

ZSqueenbee said...

sis, kteorg kt cni pggil dia artis korea..en mus suh potong rmbut ckit bru dia potong..hihi..dia baik..

bju santekk??hihi makaceh...