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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Kemana Kita??

Soalan yg aku tnye kt My Agee since pgi lgi..hihihi..kemana kita ptg nnti??? actlly 2day aku  bepoce..ganti poce ku yg ku hutang tahun lps...kne setel b4 poce thun ni kunjung tiba..aku x bepoce sorang2..aku d temani Abg Chenta ku...My Agee pun poce gak..berpoce sunat menemani aku bepoce ganti...hihihi....kami bersahur di Shah Alam...jauh kn...teringn lak nk mkn Char Keow Teow (betul ke eja ni)...1st tym nk try kt shah alam...My Agee lak order Nasi Pattaya...dap dap nyum nyum....kami bkn berdua tp wit Ila'z family..kak Amy wit Is...we olz mkn2 after konsert ila...diaorg nk mamam so aku & My Agee leh la bersahur skali...

"kta nk bbuke ktne ye B??" ermmmm ble dh poce phm2 jela..nafsu mkn kami try 2 control...xmo lebih2...hihihi...My Agee ade gak suggest tmpt bbuke...such hut (our fav)..kunang kunang (calamari sedap)..intai intai (jauh ckit)....tupai tupai (steamboat)...aduhhhh mcm2...we luv to try...memandangkn kami xleh nk g jauh2 sgt cz Family Ila nk blk umh aku so kne blk awl ckit so we decide nk g kunang kunang je...lgipun aku windu sgt nk mkn calamari...sedapppp...calamari 2 ape??? ermmm sotong tepung..crunchy..big n sedap..

cam biase aku order "nasi goreng kampung special" & My Agee suke try yg lain...utk bbuke dia order "tom yam fried rice" of cz la ade "calamari" our fav kt kunang kunang....tbe2 trse nk minum "soya cincau" & My Agee "bandung cincau"...superb!!!...lain hari kta try menu yg lain lak ye B...after mamam je kteorg blk cz maksu dh nk blk dr jln2..diaorg xde kunci umah....

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ur B said...

Alhamdulillah..byk kte mamam hr tu ye...dap dap dap. Nt kte berbuka sama lagi ye..