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Thursday, May 27, 2010


Wed 26, After sibuk menjayakan Majlis MATRADE FC so tym 2 blk...penat but happy...kwn2 yg sgt sporting... happening of cz hilang semua kepenatan...of cz we olz in RED & BLACK...kaler yg xpernah mngecewakan kami..nk kai PINK kang marah lak yg lain..hihihi xsemua "SUDI" kai pink...(jgn mawah ma..idea je)...blk dr ofiz ajk My Agee  sggah JUSCO kt OU...nk "menyopping" ckit tuk bwk blk Sarawak..ape yg kami soping??? rahsia tgk My Agee slalu je layan msg n ajk blk cpt2...seb bek dh setel soping so xdela aku majuk2...My Agee ajk kuar mkn tp kne blk umah bsiap lu...nnti kul 9.30 dia jmput...

Sampai kt umah je aku suh Ajja & Nia bsiap cz My Agee ajk kuar mamam & plan kai "ALL WHITE"..erm ade gak tnye My Agee nk mamam ktne...ktenye nk mamam kt PIZZA HUT...erm ok My Feveret...i tot My Agee sje ajk g mamam Pizza cz aku kn nk blk Swak...tbe2 mse kt lam kete My Agee ckp Pizza akn tutp 11.30..aik cnne dia tahu...ermm xpela ikut jela...jam dh kul 10..sempat ke ni...smpai sna je "pekerja" kt pizza ckp juz order tuk take away...huhuhu xleh mamam c2 My Agee degil masuk gak kt dlm n jmpe sum1...upe2nye "My Lalink Sue & Sweet Thumbelina"...alalala comelnyeeee...dia sje nk wat SUPRISE tuk aku...huhuhu terharunyaaa...tankz so much to Sue & My Agee...ssh2 wat semua ni...Maaf gak cz terlamabt smpai xleh nk mkn kt Pizza so berpindah ke KFC...Sue & My Agee nk blnje mkn b4 aku blk Swak..(ala2 bchelor party)...sweeetttnyeee kowank ni..aduhhhhh nanes eppy....yg beshnyee semua kteorg kai putih sme goes 2 My Sweet Thumbelina....hihihi...utk LK Team lak aku tggu kt Swak nnti..ngeh ngeh....

After mkn2 den ade lak aksi2 sengal dr kami..amik gmba xhengat..hahahaha...sporting glerrrrr...conokkkkknyeeee....TERIMA KASIH YE SAYANG...I LOVE U OLZ SO MUCHHHHH!!!


::Aksi SengaL dari Kami::

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3 CeLoteH ChiT cHaT:

Suria Qistina said...

ngeh3...very2 d surprise for u my beloved fren..saya sayang sama kamooo..we all happy sgt2 wpun xdpt nk mam pizza (ur feveret)...huhuhu..u're my KAWAN, SAHABAT, TEMAN = TEMAN SEJATI (^_^)

QueenB said...

TERIMA KASIH ye cayang....saya sayang kamooo jugakkk..sayang sgt2...pia xkn lpekn saat2 eppy kta smlm...happening sgt2...lain kai kta mkn pizza tau babe..hihihi....KITA SAHABAT KAWAN..TEMAN SEJATI!!! YAY!!! LOVE U DARL...

ur Hubby said... was perfect!!
xpe, after wedding kte plan gi pizza lak..hihi..blh kan pwincezz?