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Friday, May 21, 2010

MISHIU My Hometown....

Meow meow....8 Dayz to flyng back to Sarawak....mish My Hometown badly...mish My Family damn much...owh i mish evewythng...ble blk Sarawak nnti i mish My Future Hubby lak...hihii...itz ok B kta akn jmpe mse 1 week kta xkn jmpe..itz ok..To My Fwenz yg dh beli tiket "belon" tu tankz so much ye..kowank beli gak evendo by dat tym tiket mahal..huhuhu....aku hargai sgt2....Hotel pun dh booking kan...transportation aku akn sediakn termasuk drver skali...hihihi....yela kowank mne nk tau jln...utk Para Ibu yg tpkse bpisah ngn Hubby & Anak2 selama 3 hri oso tankz so much ye....insyaAllah kwn2 ke Sarawak not only 4 My Wedding tp tuk 'bercuti' skali...jln2 tgk Kuching, Sarawak..Hotel kowank kt area Waterfront mmg senang sgt nk jln2..mmg kt town dh 2...xyah kai kete pun xpe...leh try naik boat...nk mkn2 pun senang...cte bout mkn2 ni uuuuuu kt Sarawak ade Menu tsendiri...lau nk try aku leh tlg bwkkn...antara menu2 besh kt sna wic is :
SEDAPPPP!!!! JANGAN X TRY.....lau ke Sarawak jgn lpe rse Menu di atas tau...actlly umai 2 aku xreti byk org ckp sedapppp...ade umai udang umai ikan...ikn or udang x d masak juz perap (ade ke word ni) wit limau..winduuu nye msakan blk nnti kne control..xleh tlebih mkn..huhuhu...can eat but under control...rse xsabar lak nk blk..xpe xpe...mggu depan dh nk blk....

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4 CeLoteH ChiT cHaT:

wahida said...

sedapnye rojak sotong tu pia...mamamia..mcm teringin je nak rase umai tu...

QueenB said...

a'aa sedap tau akak...fav sye gak 2..lau blk swak mmg akn mkn..hihi...umai 2 lau pndai mkn mmg besh..kt setapak ade al.."DAPUR SARAWAK" kedai pelakon dr swak 2..lpe lak nme dia..hihihi..nk try jom lerr ke swak..

da bomb said...

sedap weih..ko blk swak jgn lupe bwk blk utk org sini.terliur doh

ur Hubby said...

mee kolok selalu menjadi idaman hati..hihi..
tak saba nak rs sume ni sayang.
promis me kte akan makan sume ni once kat sane nt ye..